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Two Chefs One the teacher the other the Student. One on the East Coast, the Other the west. We cook, share, borrow and blend our culinary styles, heritage and likes.

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Tonight’s Appetizer: Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Garlic Confit (Bacon Drippings) and Linquica

Ok, at the last minute my wife mentioned that a third girl was joining her for dinner. Our rocking hairstylist, Lacey. So I had to adjust the menu a bit to ensure no one went hungry. Lucky for me I had a bag of my a favorite go to frozen New England Scallops from Trader Joes, the hericot vert I had planned to use in the curry and some frozen linquica from this week’s Mid-week dinner of Pasta with Flying Dirt Farm Broccoli, Linquica and Grana Padano cheese. So seared off the scallop, finish in the oven, garlic confit into a pan with extra bacon fat, sautee green beans add linquica. Pan comes out as do scallops hit it with chardonnay for a fast pan sauce, plate enjoy.

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